Bild Tarek Lohaus 1

“The world is art”

To discover one’s passion and to be able to pursue it professionally is a privilege. From myearliest childhood, I was interested in sports, and this was the reason for my Dual Studies Degree in Sport Sciences and Economics. I moved from the province to the German capital and worked for five years on the development and practical application of training devices and electrodes for electrical muscle stimulation.

As a family person and country boy, I was drawn back to my hometown of Wagenfeld, Lower Saxony, Germany in 2015. I was ready to quit my job and to reinvent myself at the age of 27. During my travels and my time in Berlin, I’ve gotten to know the cultural and geographic diversity of our planet. To remind myself of these fascinating impressions, I built a backlit world map floating in a wooden frame, which was neither in this way creatively nor constructionally available for purchase and which laid the foundation for my current work.

With support from my family, I then took the plunge into self-employment as an artist. Ever since, I have pursued the philosophy in my work that everyone cultivates emotional attachments to certain places due to personal experiences. For some, it is their hometown or favorite island. From an athlete’s point of view, it is their personal victories collected throughout the world and for businesses, it is the markets that they address or the strategical partners with whom they cooperate.

I convey these individual relationships between humans and places in pieces of art for interior and exterior use in order to make them accessible. Under the principle “world’s finest maps”, a world – or a specific part of it – is created as a personal and unique item for the living room at home, the garden, for businesses or cities.

The design variety is limitless. My portfolio contains not only three-dimensionally constructed paintings for interior or exterior use, but also unique fire pits that create a special atmosphere and spark philosophical conversations. I’m especially interested in designing functional pieces of art that continually adapt to the commissioner’s life. Think of maps on which personal travels, including individual details of the events as well as year dates, can be marked. Or think of athletes and sports clubs that can continually add stadiums or even the outlines of their titles won to the map. In the future, I intend to expand my portfolio by golf courts and race tracks, which I also conceive of as maps.

My neurotic strive for perfection and my enthusiasm for experimenting with various materials propel me every day to design constantly new, diverse artworks with my own personal handwriting.


Yours sincerely

Tarek Lohaus